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Women and I.T. Careers 1st Ed



Women and I.T. Careers: Why Women Are Leaving the Ranks of I.T. Careers and Why It’s So Important They Stay – 2015

The under-representation of women in IT leadership roles is an alarming statistic that has the potential for global implications. Written in a clear and concise manner, this book is the culmination of Dr. Cedric Alford’s dissertation research on this greatly unexplored phenomenon, and identifies the barriers women face by telling the stories of 10 women who hold IT leadership positions, highlighting their triumphs and struggles. It also contains personal thoughts and beliefs based on the experiences he encountered throughout his 22 years in the IT industry, most while holding executive level positions. Possible solutions for IT leaders, organizations, students and educators are offered to end this pressing problem and to retain women as a global priority in the present-day IT world.