A world free from unethical business practices, where empowered minority leaders uphold the highest standards of ethics, authenticity, and inclusion, ensuring a sustainable and equitable future for all in the global business landscape.


I offer leadership and personal development coaching, tailored to unlock your unique potential and drive success.

Core Values

Trust, integrity, professionalism, quality, and community commitment define my ethos.

The Dr. Ced Leadership Development LLC

I’m Dr. Cedric D. Alford, MBA. With a dual perspective carved from the classrooms of academia and the dynamic global corporate landscape, I offer a unique blend of insight and practicality in career, life, and business coaching.

Your Growth, My Commitment
My over 15 years as a graduate school professor have not just been about teaching but learning – absorbing the diverse stories, challenges, and aspirations of thousands of students. Every interaction is an opportunity for insights, weaving into my personalized, evidence-driven approach to coaching.

Proven Corporate Expertise
In the corporate sphere, my consulting with hundreds of companies, including Fortune 500 organizations, and global roles at respected organizations like Microsoft and Pegasystems have honed my insights into practical leadership, team dynamics, and innovative problem-solving. I’ve been on the front lines, shaping and being shaped by some of the brightest minds in the industry. This real-world corporate experience amplifies the applied relevance of my coaching, ensuring that the strategies you receive are tested and proven.

Tailored Pathways
My Leadership Development approach ensures every service is designed with you at the core. Whether you’re an emerging professional or an established executive, the focus is on tailoring strategies that are as unique as your fingerprint. It’s about catalyzing your specific personal growth, career progression, and business success, enriched by a holistic integration of academic insights and corporate excellence.

Pay it Forward: Accessibility and Impact.
Accessibility is not an afterthought – it’s embedded in every interaction. The “Pay it Forward” initiative is a commitment to ensuring that world-class, personalized coaching isn’t a privilege but accessible to every professional aspiring to grow. Your financial standing should not be a barrier to unlocking your full potential.

Why Choose Me?
Engaging with me isn’t a transaction – it’s a transformative journey. It’s a partnership where academic depth meets personal and corporate pragmatism, where theory is infused with real-world application, and where your unique narrative is the foundation of tailored, impactful strategies leading to your growth and success.

Embark on a journey tailored to your individual aspirations, where every step intertwines researched academic insights with real-world corporate excellence, all aligned to elevate your professional trajectory, personal growth, and life’s fulfillment.

40% of employees with diverse ethnic backgrounds report a lack of support in their professional development, a gap that hinders their leadership journey (Gallup).

Despite representing a large segment of the workforce, only 20% of women are in senior management positions, indicating a significant untapped leadership potential (McKinsey).

Organizations that leverage diverse leadership see a 19% increase in revenue attributed to innovation, underscoring the direct financial impact of diversity in leadership (BCG).



Empower Your Leaders with Targeted Coaching.