Women in Technology Leadership | Participate in Research

Thank you for joining us in our quest to deepen our understanding of women in technology leadership. Over more than two decades, Dr. Alford has observed the transformative impact of technology on society and the workplace and has particularly been interested in the role of women within this changing landscape. Despite the opportunities for growth and leadership within the tech industry, women’s representation in IT professions, particularly in leadership roles, has been noticeably stagnant.

Drawing on his extensive experience and a genuine curiosity about the persistent gender gap, Dr. Alford has centered his research around one fundamental question: Why are more women not choosing careers and leadership roles within the IT industry?

In his original doctoral dissertation, he conducted in-depth interviews with ten women who held leadership positions in the IT field in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The insights garnered from this intimate look into their experiences and perspectives formed the basis of his influential research.

But the conversation does not end there.

The Global Conversation

Dr. Alford believes in the power of shared knowledge and experiences. Hence, he is inviting women leaders in technology from across the globe to join him in expanding this research. This is your chance to contribute to a greater understanding of the barriers, challenges, successes, and inspirations that characterize women’s leadership journey in the technology sector.

If you are a woman who holds or has held a leadership position within the IT industry, we invite you to share your story. The questions presented here are the ones Dr. Alford used in his dissertation. Your responses will remain completely anonymous, and your privacy is of utmost importance to us. The information you provide will contribute to an expanding global database of experiences, potentially inspiring and informing future generations of women in tech.

The Future of Women in Tech Leadership

The aim is not just to understand but also to effect change. Dr. Alford’s findings have sparked discussions on inclusion and diversity in tech, and by adding your voice, you are helping to shape those discussions. Ultimately, we hope this research will catalyze change and contribute to bringing more women back into tech, promoting equality, and enhancing productivity to serve the world’s needs better.

It is crucial to capture these experiences and perspectives to create a clearer picture of women’s opportunities and challenges in technology leadership. So join us. Lend your voice, share your journey, and be a part of driving the change.

Let’s begin this conversation together.