Coaching Services

Coaching aims to unlock an individual’s potential to maximize their performance. Coaching is a 1:1 journey that helps you learn rather than teach you. Choosing the right coach is key to achieving the most desired outcomes, given the importance and structured nature of a coaching relationship.

Dr. Alford has over 20 years of coaching experience and supports the development of individuals while indirectly supporting the success of organizations hiring Dr. Alford’s coaching clients. By working with an experienced coach like Dr. Alford, you position yourself to:

  • Leverage tools, theories, models, and research to build competence and confidence.
  • Improve your leadership strengths while also addressing your weaknesses.
  • Develop the theory of your situation, finding solutions based on your perspective and not just that of the coach.
  • Develop strong influence skills to build higher-performing teams around you.
  • Enhance your impact as a communicator.
  • Align your organization strategically
  • Accomplish your most important goals.