CxO & Advisory Services

Being a strong leader doesn’t come naturally to many people, and many business owners need a little bit of help. While many Founder-CEOs have vibrant and healthy cultures, many still struggle due to forces that reflect human nature. Fractional C-suite executives, collectively called CxOs, go beyond the CEO, extending expertise to the COO, CMO, CTO, CSO, CDO, CFO, CHRO, and other roles. These growth-oriented executives manage the strategy and execution across all organizational platforms, helping scale emerging companies effectively.

Companies need executive leadership – but not all companies need all executive roles 40 hours a week. Fractional CxOs provide leadership in their respective roles to help companies strategically and tactically, unlike traditional consultants, where you typically pay upfront for their analysis and recommendations but still have to invest working capital in executing the strategy.

Dr. Cedric Alford, MBA, has supported the success of many companies in the role of a fractional executive or advisor in the areas of operations, marketing, technology, DEI, executive coaching and mentoring, and simply offering a fresh perspective on critical challenges impacting the organization. In addition, Dr. Alford’s leadership has expanded beyond fractional roles to strategic partnerships and board advisory.

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Previous Special Projects

Create a competitive analyses of a specific market and develop a SWOTT to assess risk.

Perform qualitative interviews with music ministry across three locations for the purpose of assessing sentiment and their thoughts on improving the operational and performance quality.

Create a tool that tracks daily investment decisions to eliminate Excel spreadsheet usage.
Sit in on this meeting with a potential target and provide your take on if we should proceed.

Develop a tool that manages credentialing of our anesthesiologists as well as assign them to hospitals, operating rooms and track calendars for availability.

Perform an analysis of traffic to retail centers, create a solution to queuing at the centers and develop architectural renderings of a redesign of the retail centers.

Create a system to track the various court dockets and provide secure access based on privileges.

Develop market research for a new product and create a pitch deck for investors based on research.