Mentoring Services

Unlike coaching, mentoring involves the mentor serving as a role model and offering guidance to the mentee. A coach seeks to help the client learn versus teaching. The most effective mentors serve as sounding boards and guide to support you in meeting your objectives. Most mentoring relations are informal. TDCI offers formal mentoring based on setting measurable goals and managing engagements toward achieving those goals.

Dr. Alford has mentored hundreds of individuals in both a formal and informal manner. His mentoring has included providing advice on organizational, cultural, career, and personal goals.

Mentoring is important because it enables the mentee to learn from the successes and mistakes of others as they achieve goals aimed at being more effective at work, learning new skills, developing greater confidence, and making better decisions for overall career growth.

No two clients are alike, so executive mentoring builds on your questions, issues, and challenges. Dr. Alford leverages his over 25 years of experience to support your success in a transparent, empathetic, and intentional manner. Dr. Alford’s mentoring guidance expands on his experience as a global Microsoft Executive and faculty for organizational leadership, DEI, and ethics.