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Let’s face it. There is a visible amount of discrimination relative to women in science and technology careers. In most male-dominated careers, women face different paths to leadership than their male counterparts. Moreover, as women begin to make moderate progress in achieving leadership roles, the gender pay gap increases with both age and experience (Korn Ferry, 2018). In 2020, while women made up around 50% of the working-age population, and 48% of them were working, only 17% of IT specialists were female. For the women that have taken on the challenge of working in STEM careers, significant challenges persist beyond their technical competence.


Dr. Alford has been in technology for over 27 years, seeing firsthand the differences in performance evaluation of women as they seek to sustain their careers and the conscious and unconscious bias that exists to block women from the opportunity to progress in interview cycles.

Dr. Alford’s approach to coaching women into leadership roles within top organizations focuses on establishing a non-imposter mindset. From here, Dr. Alford works with his clients to understand their strengths, the process of achieving and sustaining a leadership role, and developing an approach that removes hope from the equation.

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