Empowering Youth Towards Success

This summer, we’re offering an exciting opportunity for your high school student to grow and develop with the guidance of Dr. Cedric Alford. Renowned for his ability to inspire young minds and transform potentials into successes, Dr. Alford has tailored a coaching program to set meaningful goals, devise a practical achievement roadmap, and provide personalized mentorship.

About Dr. Alford

Meet Dr. Cedric Alford, an accomplished management and organizational development expert with a special passion for fostering the success of the youth. He brings his wealth of experience from 25+ years in the technology industry, where he has dedicated his efforts to empowering women in leadership roles. With a deep understanding of ambition’s nuances and the skills to cultivate it, Dr. Alford guides students in unlocking their potential and charting their unique paths to success.

Dr. Alford’s educational journey, grounded in schools with limited resources, is a testament to the transformative power of mentorship and the critical importance of visibility. This journey has imbued him with the empathy and understanding needed to guide high-risk and urban students toward their success. His impactful work with districts, colleges, and universities across the country has significantly improved countless students’ lives, assisting them in overcoming challenges and achieving their educational and career goals. This program reaches back to high school students.

Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Alford is a proud family man. He and his life partner, Bonita, a Respiratory Therapist, have two children, Alexia and Tyler. Alexia, a Ph.D. in Sociology, is a professor at The University of Arkansas, and Tyler is the reigning Inside Sales Representative of the Year at Fortinet. While their accomplishments are remarkable, the Alford family’s true pride lies in their commitment to giving back to the community. They embody a philosophy of achieving more to give more, a principle deeply rooted in their faith and reflected in Dr. Alford’s coaching program.

Dr. Alford’s approach challenges students to measure success by academic accomplishments and, more importantly, by the enduring values and principles that will outlast material gains.

The Summer Coaching Program

Dr. Alford’s Summer Coaching Program ensures your child gets the most out of coaching, which is probably new to them.

  • Initial Session (30 minutes): Dr. Alford will have an in-depth discussion with your child, understanding their aspirations, setting clear, achievable goals for the summer, and initiating the practice of journaling for self-reflection and progress tracking.
  • End-of-Summer Session (30 minutes): A concluding session to reflect on the summer’s accomplishments and discuss the necessary next steps for continued success.

In addition to these sessions, your child will enjoy unlimited email access to Dr. Alford throughout the summer for any questions or advice.

As a bonus, each participant will receive a coaching gift set from Dr. Alford and be invited to a 1-hour virtual group session at the end of the summer. This meet-up will allow students to share their experiences, learn from each other, and form new connections.

Additionally, Dr. Alford will hold a 15-minute conversation with you, the parent, ensuring you’re well-informed and prepared to support your child’s transformative journey.

Enroll Today

Now’s the time to invest in your child’s future. The Summer Coaching Program is more than just a mentorship – it’s a stepping stone towards a brighter future, instilling self-confidence, ambition, and resilience in your child. Join us on this journey toward empowerment and success. Don’t delay. Secure a place for your child in Dr. Alford’s Summer Coaching Program today.